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Never mature enough

They say it is improbable you make the same mistake twice if you are old enough to “use your head”; that is simply bullshit! Age is not a guarantee of avoiding things you did in the past; what’s more, it enables you to do things with all the knowledge of the consequences they might bring. For example, you have been warned a million times to use a condom when you have sex. Probably, as a young kid, you freaked out whenever you had sex even with a condom on, because you were inexperienced or you had been told horrifying things about AIDS or other STIs. Then, after each intercourse, all your concerns prevented you from sleeping or developing a normal life because the fright of being infected would follow you as a shadow.

Later, as an adult, you keep the warning in mind but you learn to “trust” words, especially from those who become your love partners or permanent sex buddies. Perhaps the HIV test doesn’t take part of your habits, but you keep a record of the risky and not risky sexual experiences you’ve been through throughout your life. After that, having used a condom for a while, you decide to surrender to passion without protection because you decide you and that guy you have above you deserve it, and there comes it again: “I did it bareback, oh my God!”

To the ones who have run into a situation like this I would say, never regret about what you have done. If you did it, you cannot take it back, and if you did it, it was because you wanted to do it, because you felt you were ready, and because you were sure there was no risk. Even if you are middle aged and you were supposed to protect yourself but you didn’t, don’t feel bad, it was worth it! Probably next time you will have more time to make a different decision.

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  1. Johnn
    junio 19, 2011 en 8:27 pm

    Never regret !!!

  2. junio 22, 2011 en 8:32 pm

    True! You cannot take back what you already did; especially if you enjoyed it.

  3. play
    marzo 31, 2013 en 1:21 am

    U can’t leave something u liked it xD

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