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The best life companion

Whenever I go see a movie, I am like most people in the world, I buy some pop corn, soda (or, lately, purple corn chicha) and some extra snack or candy. If the choice is chocolate, I don’t have to think it twice, Milky Way is my treat. Milky Way is a long lasting joy, a flavor that stays with you for hours after the movie is over; and it is my advice to savor it slowly as you accompany every single scene of your favorite film. It will definitely make you remember the story not only by its plot or effects, but also by its taste (believe it or not!).

And, Milky Way, you must know that you can be the best companion for many aspects of life because your personality makes it so; I can tell because I have enjoyed your being by my side (though only once), and I feel your presence with me all the time even when we don’t talk to each other anymore. I want you to know there’s nothing wrong with me; you haven’t disappointed me or offended me; remember I told you some time ago I wanted to be on my own for a while? Well, that’s what is happening. I really thank your intentions of bringing me back to earth, but I need some more time, ok? You’re a cute and nice young man and I don’t want to hurt your feelings; if I continued seeing you I was going to have feelings for you and I consider that’s too soon to happen to me … I think I wouldn’t be able to see you “just” like a friend. My recommendation to you is to probably meet people your age and try to see what happens; maybe a nice feeling is born and you can be happy (and I would be too). Believe me, Milky Way, you deserve to be happy with someone not as bitter as I am. Remember, sweet chocolate needs to keep its sweetness as long as possible to continue making people happy. I don’t think we will not see each other again; maybe in some time we will be able to shake hands again and take a picture of us as a memento. Take care, sweet baby and see you then.

I have innumerable memories of movies sweetened by a bar of Milky Way, and I think I will continue my preference by this candy bar as time goes by. What’s more, I am eating a bar of Milky Way as I’m writing this article; too late to change my way, Milky Way!

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